The Moon Shines Bright – Richard Barnard



The Moon Shines Bright is a song composer Richard Barnard researched and arranged for Lia Leenderz’s Almanac: A Seasonal Guide 2020. Each month has a different traditional song, and this was the folk song for December.The melody is influenced by several English versions of the tune, including those sung by gypsy singers. The song is thought to have medieval origins sung by visiting wassailers. Unaccompanied SATB with divisi, 3 minutes suitable for amateur, student and professional choirs.

The moon shines bright and the stars give a light
A little before the day.
The Lord our God, he calls on us
And bids us awake and pray.

So for the saving of our souls
Christ died upon the cross.
We ne’er shall do for Jesus Christ
What he has done for us.

The life of man it is but a span
and cut down like a flower;
For he’s here today, but tomorrow he is gone
And dead all in an hour.

The clock strikes one and it’s time we were gone,
We’ll stay no longer here.
God bless you all, both great and small
And send you a happy New Year.