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Our catalogue Although our product list is fully available on-line, we also have a print version of our catalogue. If you would like a copy, please email us and we'll post you one

Song of Ruth recording David Ogden's Song of Ruth has been recorded by the Exultate Singers, one of the leading choirs in the South West. The recording, which is produced by John Rutter, contains many other great church pieces - including one by John Rutter himself. The recording is available now - click here for more details about the choir and to buy the CD.

We Will Remember Them David Ogden's setting was featuring on BBC One's Songs of Praise on Remembrance Sunday. Copies can be ordered at the shop

Advent It's time to start thinking about and rehearsing music for Advent and Christmas. We've got a range of pieces for Advent and Christmas for choirs and churches of all abilities. Click here to find out more

Set me as a seal

An anthem by Ian Carpenter, Set me as a seal upon thy heart is a reflective setting of these words. The piece has been performed by the Westminster Abbey choir in the Abbey, and has been recorded by the Exultate Singers. It is now published by White Light. Click here for details

White Light Eucharist

Take and eat/Hymn of Chrism

Song of Ruth

Green Suite
Listen to some of the pieces we publish in this special player:

We publish a number of pieces which have been broadcast on radio and TV. Look at our catalogue for more details

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